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Welcome To
Posted By:  Get Real Talent
PostedDate:  3/20/2005 8:06:12 AM  |  Priority:  1

Picture book with AFTA actors ----
Posted By:  AFTA - Alliance of Film & Television Actors
PostedDate:  2/28/2005 6:57:51 AM  |  Priority:  3

AFTA anouncement- attachments memo
Posted By:  AFTA - Alliance of Film & Television Actors
PostedDate:  2/25/2005 3:10:27 PM  |  Priority:  3

Confederate Saber (Wicked Pursuits)
Posted By:  AFTA - Alliance of Film & Television Actors
PostedDate:  2/21/2005 8:55:20 AM  |  Priority:  3

AFTA Web Site Launch
Posted By:  AFTA - Alliance of Film & Television Actors
PostedDate:  1/14/2005 11:39:26 AM  |  Priority:  3

The Hurd Agency Workshop-Sunday, August 24th
Posted By:  The Hurd Agency
PostedDate:  12/13/2004 2:59:33 PM  |  Priority:  1

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